Welcome to Cawston Primary School

Upcoming events

4R Families Shopping Event!

It’s a Re-duce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle and Re-Gift event!

We are looking for donations of good quality items that you no longer love, need, or use. These items will then be used to provide our students with a "Christmas Shopping Day.” 

The items will be collected, cleaned and displayed and each child in the school will have a chance to go “shopping” for their families for the holidays. The children will not actually buy these gifts for money, they will simply be able to choose gifts for their family, free of charge. After "shopping," the kids will have the opportunity to have their gifts wrapped.  Items of all kinds will be accepted as kids will be "shopping" for parents, siblings and perhaps grandparents. Thank you for your support. We are excited to offer our kids this exciting opportunity. Please bring donations to the school no later than Dec. 8th. We would also like to offer an opportunity for families to come and shop as well. We will leave the event open until noon on Wednesday, Dec. 13th. Please take this opportunity to find some treasures!

Bake Sale

PAC is hosting a Bake Sale before our Christmas Concert. Please bring all donations for the sale to the school by noon on the 13th.

Christmas Concert

This year our performance is called “This is Christmas!” a charming story about the meaning of Christmas.

There will be two performances:

  1. At 9:30 am. Everyone is welcome to join us for this performance as tickets are not required.

  2. At 6:oo pm. For this performance tickets are required as our gym capacity is only 320. Each family will get two tickets (sent home on December 1st). If you are not going to use both of your tickets, please return them to the school. If you need more tickets, please contact the school and we will give out extra tickets on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank-you to Mrs. Mennell for organizing this special event.

Costumes for this year:

Each song is about a different aspect of Christmas, so classes have specific costumes. If you are unable to organize your child’s costume at home, teachers will do their best to allocate some time to helping ensure every student has a costume. All classes will be singing in the finale, so please ensure they have a Santa hat to wear.

Mrs. Aeichele, Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Petry- Puppies and Kittens

-ears attached to headbands, make up for noses and whiskers, solid, dark coloured tops and bottoms, spots, stripes could be added

Mr. L and Mrs. Nunes- Christmas Extravaganza

-Santa hats, reindeer antlers, garland necklaces, stars, anything shiny and sparkly that indicates Christmas. White tops and solid, dark bottoms.

Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Rivest- Christmas Trees

-Christmas decorations, candy canes, popcorn garland, light pinned to clothing.  Solid, dark coloured bottoms and green tops if possible. Wear a white top if green isn’t available.

Mr. Dearborn and Mr. Raposo- Chefs

-Chef hats (can be made with white card stock and tissue paper), aprons, flour on faces. Solid, dark coloured tops and bottoms.


Passion Day

On Monday, Dec. 18th we are trying out an afternoon of passion finding! Teachers will be offering activities that they are passionate about and students will have choices about what they want to participate in. The intention is to provide opportunities for student-teacher connection either because of shared interest or sharing a new activity. There is a form coming home that we hope you will help your child fill out so they can ensure they have picked an activity they are excited about!